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18 July 2019

Links are very important to search engine ranking. There are two types of links to consider: External Links and Internal Links

External Links

This type of link can be subdivided into two:
Links from external sources that point to your website and links from your website that point to external sources.

The links from external sources that point to your website are the most important. These are the ones that search engines use as one of the factors that determine your ranking. The better the source, the more influence it has. Ranking from this type of referral will improve over time.

Links from your website to external sources will allow you to make arrangements with third parties to come to a reciprocal agreement. ie. You put a link to me and I will put a link to you. Be wary of sites set up specifically for this purpose though. These will place links to you in exchange for money. Search engines can recognise these and will relegate you.

Internal Links

These are links that point to other pages on your website. Any relevant content on these pages will be included in search engine indexing. It is good to have a link from each page directly back to your home page. So that pages are not too deeply embedded in the menu structure it is beneficial to have a 'Sitemap' directly available from every page.
A 'Sitemap' is a page that contains links to all the pages on your site. These make it easy for search engines to do their indexing and also it is a useful tool for users to navigate your site.