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18 July 2019

All our sites contain the elements that allow optimal search engine ranking. This is a process that takes time. Just like planting a tree, the more that you water and feed it, the more it will grow. There is no magic involved, nor can you fool search engines with fancy tricks. Search engine vendors are concerned with their own integrity.

There are two methods of improving search engine ranking:

Should be relevant and should change often.

We provide methods of manually updating the content and having content that updates automatically on a daily basis, eg. the date at the top of the page.

Inward bound from good quality websites will improve ranking. The better the ranking of a website, the more emphasis is placed on the links to other websites ( a referral from a reliable source ). To convince people to provide a link to your website, the means of providing a reciprocal agreement comes in handy. We provide a means to create links to other sites.